Bet on These Black Beauty Finds

Bet on These Black Beauty Finds

From Madam C.J. Walker, who pioneered the business of black beauty back in 1906 to the likes of the Desiree Verdejo, Cheryl Bergamy and Ashunta Sheriff doing their thing now with their worthy contributions to moving that have helped to move the inclusion needle further with products for BIPOC - we see and honor you. 

[caption id="attachment_43316" align="alignleft" width="196"] Desiree Verdejo[/caption]

A sufferer of dark spots and hyperpigmentation most of her life and especially during her first pregnancy, Desiree Verdejo wanted a fix, so she founded Hyper Skin.  This complexion-first brand contains turmeric, bearberry and other natural ingredients to help brighten skin, smooth texture while safely fading melasma and other dark spots. 

Add to your regimens Hyper Even Brightening Dark Spot Vitamin C Serum formulated with 15% of vitamin to combat signs of aging and dramatically reduce hyperpigmentation.  

Price: from $36  Availability:

[caption id="attachment_43292" align="alignleft" width="241"]   Cheryl Bergamy [/caption]

Intended to bring curly  hair back to life, celebrity hair stylist Cheryl Bergamy created Contents Hair Care, a pH balanced line that provides nutrients for healthy, vibrant hair and helps with regrowth.

The newest two products to the collection are:

Clear Conscious Organic Shampoo - a gentle organic shampoo that pampers and moisturizes with a custom blend of organic herbs that help provide elasticity while leaving the hair clean and manageable. 

Price: $25

Clear Conscious Keratin Conditioner with botanical algae extract to boost moisture allowing the hair to be more manageable with less frizz. The hydrating bonding properties support moisture retention with essential nutrients and vital trace elements, including iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and vitamin A.

Price: $32

Every product is made with plant-based ingredients that stay true to their pledge to be clean and vegan. 


[caption id="attachment_43322" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ashunta Sheriff[/caption]

I created Ashunta Sheriff Beauty to bring easy-to-use, quality products that create flawless, stunning and bold makeup looks for all skin tones," shares Ashunta of her inspiration for the line. "I wanted to bring that A-list glamour to everyone with the same high-quality products that I use daily – on clients and myself.

A Hue Knew It favorite from this conscious black-owned beauty brand is MagnitiEYES™️ Magnetic Luxury Lashes, which employs new magnetic liquid liner technology to make applying and removing lashes easier than ever without damage. Each kit comes with two or three lash styles, a lash application tool and black liquid magnetic eye liner. The magnetic technology makes applying lashes as easy as applying eye liner. The lashes last through workouts and sleeping and are water resistant. Each pair can be used for up to 20 applications and is easy to clean.

Price:  $50  Availability:

[caption id="attachment_43369" align="alignleft" width="300"] Levon Handsome[/caption]

In the pursuit of creating products for healthier skin due to her recently deceased husband's, Joseph's skin condition, founder Levon Handsome developed Joe-Le Soap. As we move into living a softer life, think Joe-Le Soap to pamper yourself or your friends this Galentine's Day or whenever. For a limited time only, Joe-Le Soap is offering the ultimate spa-cation with Rosewater and Cedarwood Love Gift Sets. Loaded with love and natural ingredients, each set includes:

A soothing a 6 oz Rosewater and Lavender Bar, a 12oz body exfoliating and polishing Himalayan Rose Sugar Scrub, a 4 oz Ultra Stress Relief Body Butter w/CBD & Lavender, a natural pine wood soap saver and an ultimate moisturizing Lip Balm. 

The Cedarwood set includes an exfoliating Cedarwood Coffee with Rosemary 6oz Bar, the Ultra Stress Relief Body Butter w/CBD & Lavender 4oz, body exfoliating and polishing Himalayan Rose Sugar Scrub 12oz, a natural pine wood soap saver and an ultimate moisturizing Lip Balm

Price: $59.99 each Availability:

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