Get Longer Fuller Lashes That Are To Die For!

Get Longer Fuller Lashes That Are To Die For!

Store-bought or homegrown, eyelashes do wonders for women’s eyes. They open up them up, they create definition, they create drama and they let you flirt without even trying. Since HKI is all about the end user – you – check out three different ways you can get longer fuller lashes.

‘Lashes to Die For’ The Mascara by Peter Thomas Roth ($22, gives you the ability to go from completely natural-looking to a drop dead diva in a matter of seconds because the mascara is buildable. The brush is designed to separate each lash while it creates dramatic length with each application.

Try L’Oreal’s Waterproof Double Extend Bold Lash Fortifier & Extender Mascara ($9.99, if you’re ready to experience even longer lashes without the stress of applying falsies. You first apply the micro-fiber base coat which immediately thickens & lengthens your lashes and then apply the color magnifier to lengthen them even further. Great for sensitive eyes. NOTE: Never mind the white of the fiber…it goes away as you apply the color over it.

Now increase the level of difficulty and apply a pair of Ardell #139 Strip False Eyelashes – similar to the direction of Kimora’s eyelashes, which by the way are great for almond-shaped eyes. To find the best lashes for your eye shape checkout Ardell’s website as it’s a great resource and chock full of how-to’s.

This beauty editor happens to love falsies so much so that they’re now considered my beautiful pets. I have three sets, one of which I reapply every day!

Hue Knew It? I did.

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