Try The 3 Hottest Smokey Eye Makeup Kits

Try The 3 Hottest Smokey Eye Makeup Kits

Do you impulsively buy individual eyeshadows in the hopes of assembling enough of the right colors to recreate that smoky eye you just saw on a celeb but you have no clue where to start?

Your first inclination may be to go at it alone or ask a friend for help in the eyeshadow department, but if neither of these work then you might stop by a beauty counter at the local mall and will the sales people to not force the latest mascara and lipgloss on you. We’ve all been there.

Rather than stress yourself over what you don’t know how to do, take a deep breath and put your confidence squarely in the hands of these three eyeshadow kits that take you step-by-step through recreating each of the looks you see here:

Michael Michele’s natural smoky eye can be created using Too Faced Natural At Night ($36, And because not everyone’s comfortable wearing really intense eye makeup, this kit s the perfect compromise. You get just enough night time intensity to feel glamorous and not feel overdone. This kit contains easy to follow how-to cards to create Night, Fashion & Classic Looks.

What’s cool about Cassie’s eye makeup is that only she and only a few other brave souls are daring enough to pull off this boundary-pushing smoky cat eye – maybe the shaved head has something to do with it? If you’re of the same mind set then use Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye-Enhancing Shadow & Liner ($10.95, drugstores) which has a blue and violet in the strip of colors to recreate Cassie’s smoky eye. To get more intensity use these shadows wet for long-lasting wear and/or use them as an eyeliner. Enhances all eye colors.

Iman’s red carpet appearance always makes an impression from her designer duds to yes, her makeup. Wanna copy her sultry eye, try The Body Shop’s 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette – Silver Black ($28, which contains the exact colors (black, satin grey, pearlescent white and silver) and step-by-step instructions you need to replicate this super model’s smashing good looks.

Who’s confident to rock one of these looks? Go ahead and chime in!

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