Get Flawless Looking Skin With The Right Foundation

Get Flawless Looking Skin With The Right Foundation

What in the world is in the water these days because every day there’s yet another celeb who’s bringin’ it for the cameras and today it’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Marlo Hampton.

HKI is giving props where props are due and this week’s top honor goes Ms. Marlo. The camera obviously loves her because nare a pimple can be seen. Maybe her hiccup-free complexion was achieved by using Temptu’s Limited Edition Everyday Luxury Set ($275, sephora & which covers imperfections with ease. Temptu makeup is buildable so you can apply as much as you need and not look like you’re wearing a mask but gives you good coverage. Now you ask “why in the world world would I buy makeup that costs $200 plus? Because HKI’s put it’s stamp of approval on it. Would knowing that professional makeup artists use the system to apply makeup to their discerning clients make the decision to buy this a little easier? The slick, silver carrying case includes, but isn’t limited to a how-to DVD, air pod foundation – and as you see from this image there are plenty of shades to choose from. I found my shade and you can too. Sold separately are bronzers and blush. The only issue you’ll find is getting used to the machine which isn’t difficult to do.

Another foundation HKI found that delivers good results to women who like something more sheer is Maybelline’s Dream Nude Foundation ($10.99, kmart & walgreens). Just remember that this choice in foundations doesn’t hide imperfections. While the shade choices are limited, there are more upsides to look forward to like it doesn’t clog pores, contains SPF 16, is completely undetectable on your skin and is obviously easier to apply than the above. The key is to blend, blend, blend. Suggested first time use is to shake the can and spray a small amount on  tissue, spray the back of your hand and then apply it from your hand to your face in a circular motion. Good only for normal skin. HKI calls this the pinnacle of budget beauty, while Temptu’s system is the Rolls Royce of makeup application.

NOTE TO MAYBELLINE:  Need darker shade extension.

So have you made a decision yet?

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