The Perfect Pairing: Updos for Curly Hair & Red Lip Color for Black Women

The Perfect Pairing: Updos for Curly Hair & Red Lip Color for Black Women

Thandie’s Bold Red Lips…

THE PROBLEM: Not everyone’s comfortable wearing a full-on bright, bold red lip color, but there is another way to ease you into this trend without you running from the mirror once you’ve caught your reflection - lip stain to the rescue!

THE SOLUTION: The intention of lightweight lip stains at their introduction and to this day is to give lips a tint of color and leaves no resemblance of texture. Stains of this type are very much still woven into the fabric of the beauty business and might be what you feel most comfortable wearing, however, stains have evolved beyond this point and the question is, “are you up for the challenge?” Sephora’s Matte Bold Red Lip Stain ($12, is the perfect example of another lip stain option. It comes in seven shades in either matte or satin finishes, delivers a lot more pigment, initially goes on creamy, but when it dries down it’s a lightweight super-rich in color stain that ain’t budging! And besides, you can’t get Thandie’s berry lips without going full force with the same color choice – TRY #01.  TIPNo lip liner necessary because the stain doesn’t run. 

Thandie’s Hair…

THE PROBLEMGet texture and height to your hair that’s long-lasting.

THE SOLUTION: One thing came into focus amidst the seasoned stylists who displayed their wares on hair models on the floor of a dimly lit New York City nightclub – the various KMS California  products that were helping to make the stylists creations come to life. Any product with the word “paste” in it got HKI’s attention and KMS California Hair Play Paste Up Spray ($13, salons only) was number one HKI’s list of must-haves. Just spray it to lift and separate your hair for texture. This stuff holds a style none other!

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