Pink Blush for Black Women With Light & Dark Complexions

Pink Blush for Black Women With Light & Dark Complexions

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Yes, what you see before you are pink blushes for Black women – a less than demure statement every woman should have in her makeup arsenal because it does wonders to brighten the lightest of complexions to the deepest of hues.

If, for no other reason than to show a united front, do as this Blogger-in-Chief is doing this Summer season and proudly adorn your cheeks with this none-too-shy shade of blush that’ll enhance your canvas, while simultaneously making you look like the picture of good health.

Perfect for poolside or beachfront is 2-in-1 Becca Cosmetics Beach Tint, Deep Berry Pink ($25, is a phenomenal, blendable crème stain that tints your lips and cheeks with a natural wash of water-resistant colour. Also, think about packing Cargo Water-Resistant Blush, Ibiza ($26, for a day of fun in the sun near water. It’s a powder brush that accommodates an array of skin tones as the micronized light-diffusers create a natural, non-shiny glow. The color is also buildable for more intensity. HKI digs the tin can concept.

Water-resistant it isn’t, but worth a try is Vincent Longo Day Play Duo Compact Blush, Temple Peach ($36, ‘Duo’ is a two-sided powder blush that leaves your cheeks looking radiant. Use the Day side for a more natural look and use Play when it’s time to turn the heat up on your after sundown makeup, but really anything goes if you know how to blend both shades to create a custom color that’ll sure get the boys buzzin’.

For my fellow oily-skin readers, check out e.l.f. HD Blush, Encore ($3, Vitamin E-enriched ‘HD’ is best applied after makeup primer to increase it’s staying power with the tiniest of product applied to your middle finger. Depending on your cheek structure, you can either apply it from finger to cheek in a circular motion, highlighting just the ball of your cheek or under the cheekbone for a more sculpted look. Use a gentle hand when applying pressure to the pump or end up with a mess on your hands – literally. Oh, and at first pump, you’ll probably freak at the highly-pigmented that is dispensed. Don’t worry because as you work the blush in, it becomes more translucent. But if you need/want more color, you can always build coverage.

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