Reusable Fake Eyelashes Andra Day Would Kill For

Reusable Fake Eyelashes Andra Day Would Kill For

Fake EyelashesBattington eyelashes - Andra Day cat eye look

  [red_spacer spacer_margin="25"][/red_spacer] It's no secret that songstress Andra Day is a fan of a cat eye. And as we all know, a true cat eye isn't cat eye without the depth and intensity that fake eyelashes like the ones from Battington that bring this chanteuse's glamorous, vintage look to life.

The Buzz

Designed for the classic and confident woman, Battington Lashes are comfortable, lightweight eyelashes made with 100% handmade silk that are the most natural-looking and feeling lashes. Created to fill avoid in the market, Battington Lashes provide extra length and volume without sacrificing your standards, unlike most lashes, which are are either synthetic, blunt cut human hair or worse, mink. And unlike other brands, the hand-made cotton band offers easy applications and total effortless comfort. In addition, Battington Lashes supports strengthening women all over the world by 2% of each sale will go to the Global Fund for Women. Battington Lashes are available in six styles named after strong, inspiring women of the past. Three of these styles are "3D Lashes" which consist of a 3D multi-layered silk strip lash for a fuller, "fluffier" effect to the lash. The lashes come packaged in a beautiful magnetic box for safe keeping and reuse. The costs range from $24-$26 at

Why You'll Love It

A fake eyelash fiend to the core, Battington Lashes have certainly gotten my attention. The cotton lash band is delicate enough to work with during the application process and stays put while the glue sets it. I'm big on reusing my lashes, and these can be reused up to 25 that! Lastly, these lashes are animal cruelty-free. What I don't like is the initial price point, but when you do the math, a $26 pair of eyelashes over the course of it's use will only cost you just $1 each time...can't beat that! [red_spacer spacer_margin="25"][/red_spacer] VOTE NOW: Bold Fake Eyelashes - Who's Wearing It Better?
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