Try On These Bold Lipstick Shades For Fall

Try On These Bold Lipstick Shades For Fall

Bold Lipstick

Bold lipstick by Elizabeth Arden Liquid AssetsBe on top of your bold lipstick game this Fall with Elizabeth Arden's new Liquid Assets Liquid Lipstick Color Collection - a collection of liquid lipsticks that dresses up your lips with high-shine, rich color, much like what Dancing with the Stars contestant, Muva Amber Rose loves to rock.

The Buzz

A total of nine shades makes up the new Elizabeth Arden Fall 2016 Liquid Assets Liquid Lipstick Color Collection. Micro-fine pigments provide your lips with high-shine impact color, and this creamy formula combines the coverage and intensity of a lipstick with the finish of a gloss. The unique flocked tip applicator releases just the right amount of product. These liquid lipstick are rich in emollients and leave your lips luxuriously moisturized and comfortable with long-lasting color that won't feather or bleed.
"The wet look trend is still huge on the runways and on the red carpet," says Rebecca Restrepo, Elizabeth Arden Global Makeup Artist. "And it's very wearable for everyday, too. The liquid textures in this collection are easy to apply and create a dramatic effect. I love the versatility-one swipe makes a statement, but if you want something even more striking you can layer and build. If you wear the lipstick, eyeliner, and highlighter together, make sure the rest of your face is matte."
The price is $22 and is available department stores and

Why You'll Love It

These bold lipstick shades are as intense as you see them on the back of my hand...I'm kinda thinkin' that that says all. But to add a bit more meat to my review, I'd say that Elizabeth Arden has really done a great job of providing colors that look beautiful on a multitude of skin tones, something this brand I feel is known for...inclusive beauty. Brava! Elizabeth Arden Liquid Assets bold lipstick [red_spacer spacer_margin="25"][/red_spacer] MORE BODY CARE TALK: When Body Care and Brains Meet, You Get This [red_spacer spacer_margin="25"][/red_spacer]
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