3 Colognes For Men To Update Your Man’s Scent

3 Colognes For Men To Update Your Man’s Scent

First impressions are everything, but aren’t necessarily tied to the way a man looks. How a man smells says a lot about his personality – he could be a rebel-in-wait, an adventurous chap or sensual to the core.

As your man toys with the idea of laying off the albeit great smelling Classc Old Spice, but he’s not yet convinced that doing so makes sense for him, tell him about three colognes for men from John Varvatos, Nautica, and Calvin Klein that will help him update his scent.

Men with a secret wish to release their inner rebel should wear John Varvatos Limited Edition JV Platinum ($82, johnvarvatos.com), the newest addition to the John Varvatos fragrance portfolio.   Known for his rock n’ roll design sensibility, with a sleek edge, John Varvatos along with fragrance partner, Elizabeth Arden created Platinum “to suit the wearer’s attitude, mood or circumstance,” – exactly what your in-that-moment bad boy needs. Ain’t the bottle bad ass?

Burst of Lime, Pitanga & Seaweed Accord make up Nautica Aqua Rush Gold ($65, 3.4 oz, nautica.com) – the active man’s cologne. Rush Gold was developed to celebrate a man’s strength within and invigorates the senses with top notes blend of Pink Peppercorn, Waterlily and Jasmine Flower and dries down to an addictive blend of Vetiver, Amber and Sandalwood. I’m lovin’ theblue juice in the bottle…sexy.

Sensuality runneth deep in the man who wears Calvin Klein DARK OBSESSION ($55, ulta.com). Dark Obsession is made with absinthe to awaken the senses, and sensuality comes alive with mid and bottom notes of white vetiver and vanilla bean. If this isn’t a fragrance that represents a powerful, masculine man, then I don’t know what is.  

Hue Knew It? I did.  

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