Low-Maintenance Skincare for Men

Low-Maintenance Skincare for Men

Introduce three easy-to-use, straight forward skincare for men from Elemis, Lab Series, and ProTherapy to your low-maintenance man. There’s a difference between a man who looks good as he gets older and a man who looks older than his years because of sun damage and overall neglect. Color yourself a men’s skin care enthusiast and encourage Your Man to start caring earlier with the help of these product suggestions…

Clearly not giving a hoot, many men unwittingly abuse their faces and when they finally awake from their haze, the obvious question is “how do I reverse the damage I’ve done to my skin?” arises. Let them know that Lab Series Pro LS All-In-One Face Treatment ($29, labseries.com) is the answer to their prayers.  All-in-One is every man’s must-have one step product. It replenishes moisture, upon contact quickly soothes irritated skin, absorbs oil so it leaves skin shine-free and after 4 weeks, minimizes lines and wrinkles. Use anytime, anywhere and makes the perfect addition to his gym bag.

Naturally, men and women alike take our young years for granted and dismiss the impact that too much sun can have on our skin. Let Your Man know that because you care, you’re forcing his hand and insist that he use a sunscreen and HKI suggests ProTherapy MD Advanced Ultra Light Day Repair SPF 30 ($50, skincarerx.com). Research shows that men hate heavy-feeling lotions on their skin so Advance Ultra is the perfect choice for them. What makes this sunscreen product stand apart from the rest is its focus on reparing sun damaged and prematurely aged skin with the help of the proprietary Kinetin-Zeatin Complex. It also contains ceramides which nourish skin from within as they keep it moisturized, youthful, supple and helps keep it firm.

Your Man will enjoy the benefits of Elemis Time Defence Wrinkle Delay ($98, timetospa.com) long into the future because it age proofs his face. Defence is an anti-aging moisturizer for today’s low-maintenance man. Packed with high-performance ingredients (but not limited to) Pomegranate, Bamboo and Marajuca oils, Defence leaves nothing to chance as it reduces the appearance of wrinkles by up to 83% and increases hydration in as little as 28 days. Leaves a shine-free finish.


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