Keep Your Man’s Hands Smooth With Moisturizing Hand Creams For Men

Keep Your Man’s Hands Smooth With Moisturizing Hand Creams For Men

It’s time to educate your man about the importance of keeping his hands smooth and callus free. While he may not think that having moisturized hands is terribly important, no woman wants her man roaming Earth with callused, ashy hands. Help your man handle his hands with care by using moisturizing hand creams for men. Here are three moisturizing hand creams that your man can use to trade in his dry, ashy hands for smooth, touchable ones like actor Shemar Moore.

Ahava Men’s Mineral Hand Cream ($20, and Man Hand Cream, LCN USA ($17.90, are creams that both soothe dry, rough hands and leave them feeling supple, however, the difference between the two brands lies in their ingredients. Ahava contains hydrating minerals & botanic extracts from Dead Sea waters and LCN’s Man contains Vitamins A & E along with rice bran & sunflower seed extracts – very effective products.

It was on a shopping trip with my sister to the popular home store Restoration Hardware a few years ago where I first learned about and fell in love with No Crack Super Hand Cream ($8-$16, This stuff is no joke ladies! The packaging is average, but the content of the jar is extraordinary! No Crack is a thick hand cream that injects hydration into the driest of hands – woman or man. Notice how I put us first.

Hue Knew It? I did.


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