Gift Your Man The Perfect Shave with Shaving Kits for Men

Gift Your Man The Perfect Shave with Shaving Kits for Men

So what’s your pleasure: smooth or scruffy? HKI loves a man with a smooth-shaven face, but with that said, if there’s a little scruff, that scruff better be coiffed to perfection!

Many men fear shaving with a traditional blade because they may develop pseudofolliculitis barbae, a fancy way of saying red, inflamed post-shaving bumps whereby shaved hair curls back into the skin. Ouch! The upside however is they get a much closer shave than using an electric shaver.

Gift your man the perfect shave with two shaving kits for men from The Art of Shaving and Lab Series. For men who can use a blade without threat of a bump breakout, these two incredible shaving kits come fully stocked with the right stuff.

Since the first store opening  in 1996, The Art of Shaving has given men the tools to get the perfect shave time and they’ve since created this awesome shave kit – The Four Elements of the Perfect Shave, Ocean Kelp – The Art of Shaving ($100, It’s a four-piece full-size collection of Art of Shaving essentials made with aromatic essential oils and ocean kelp that helps to minimize  shaving discomforts like razor burns, cuts and nicks and ingrown hairs. The kit also comes with the Pre-Shave Gel which contains a blend of essential oils and marine extracts to hydrate and soften beards and the the Shaving Cream which is formulated with glycerin to hydrate hair and improve razor glide.

TIP: Extend the life of blades by drying them after shaving.

While your man may not get the full shaving “experience” the way Art of Shaving intended it, your man still gets a fine shave with the Lab Series Deluxe Shave Kit ($55, – a fragrance-free complete routine for cleansing, shaving and protecting the skin. This kit comes complete with an Invigorating Face Scrub which unclogs pores and gets rid of dead skin cell, a Maximum Comfort Shave Cream which protects skin for a razor-close shave, a 3-In-1 Post-Shave to treat ingrown hairs and razor bumps & Instant Moisture Gel to cool and hydrate the skin.

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