Keep Your Man Moisturized with Face Cream for Men

Keep Your Man Moisturized with Face Cream for Men

Keep your man’s face moisturized with face cream for men from Jack Black, Zirh, and Aubrey Organics Men. With each passing conversation with men ranging in age from 20-50, one trend has certainly come to light…many of them, like many of us have their steadies, also known as their go-to stash of  grooming products to preserve their sexy.

What man wants to admit that his skin is so sensitive that it gets irritated quickly and turns beet red or who will even admit to not having the answer to fix it? Not many, but luckily he’s got you on his side because you can introduce him to Jack Black Dry Erase Ultra Calming Face Cream ($38, – a non-greasy cream made to alleviate dry skin and reduces redness and irritation. In minutes his skin will become to feel a less stressed and more soothed. Me thinks that one of my trusty product testers ‘D’ the Italian Stallion likes to really feel something on his skin because he said,”I’d compare it to some of the lotions you get in a standard hotel. Very watery, no texture, scent, or after feeling on skin…” Hardly a people-pleaser can you tell?

Whether #yourman is blessed with good skin or has to work at it, give him the gift of Zirh Conditioning Serum ($32.50, – a vitamin-rich (A,C & E) formula that replenishes skin with vital nutrients while it smoothes the surface layer of skin and reduces flaking.

Ssshhh, don’t say it too loud but eye cream for men does exist. Sorry guys, but you too get fine line and wrinkles so try Aubrey Organics Men’s Stock Rejuvenating Eye Cream ($24.68. – a product made with 100% natural ingredients. This formula has a sheer consistency to it so there isn’t the need to keep rubbing it in especially around the eyes since that area of our faces is so delicate and bruises easily. This product is vitamin-rich & delivers the right amount of moisture to hydrate for up to eight hours and helps diminish lines and wrinkles. Use day or night.

Hue Knew It? I did. 

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