An At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device That Works On Dark Skin!

An At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device That Works On Dark Skin!

Laser Hair Removal

silk'n at home laser hair removal When you have Demi coin you can do professional laser hair removal treatments, but when tighter budgets reign, do it at home for yourself with the Silk'n Flash&Go Express and still get pro-level results.

The Buzz

Silk'n Flash&Go Express is a light-based laser hair removal device that removes hair all over your body, including your face, with permanent results. working up to 2x's faster than other devices on the market, this FDA-cleared beauty buy is a lifetime solution for hair removal - no ingrown hairs, no razor burn, and refill cartridges. The applicator targets any area that requires treatment big or small. You can safely use this device on sensitive areas including the upper lip, upper arms, bikini line and on your toes. After 2-4 treatment sessions, you'll see fewer hair similar to what you;d receive from a professionally-administered laser procedure. The way the Flash&Go works, is before you use it, ensure that the treatment area is shaved so the device goes directly to the root of the hair. The device then emits a pulse of energy that disables the hair in the Anagen (resting) growth stage, preventing future growth. The price is $299 and is available at

Why You'll Love It

Time and again I was told no by various public relations companies when I asked to try an at-home laser hair removal device when they pitched me for press coverage. The reason? I was told over and over again (and in some cases, radio silence) that those devices weren't made to work on dark skin tones, and I'm certain they (the companies) were afraid of any negative press. When Silk'n gave the thumbs on getting me the Flash&Go Express, I couldn't wait to use it...although it took me nearly eight months to try it, and guess what/ I still don't know how I feel because I've only had one treatment session. Soon after firing it up, I placed the device on my chest where hair tends to grow and started clicking away. I was shocked when the first flash went off and all I simply felt was a warm sensation, so I kept clicking away. What I love most about this device is that it actually does work on deep skin tones, however, only up to a certain point. When I attempted to use it to get rid of my knuckle hair on my left hand, nothing, and so that story continued on my left arm, but on my chest no issue, since it is the lightest part of my body. I'll check back in next week with another session and see if the hair growth has slowed down. This is a definite must-purchase it! 

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