It’s A Nail Thing: Make A Fashion Statement with Nail Products

It’s A Nail Thing: Make A Fashion Statement with Nail Products

Ri Ri’s nails have become something of a fashion statement, and I love it! I guess paparazzi-friendly nails are on tap for the rest us ladies as well. Luckily there’s no shortage of nail products that can help us do just that.

I admit that I’m not always adventurous with my nails, so I live vicariously through those of you that push the envelope with hot colors like the pretty in sequins Lippmann Collection Marquee Moon Nail Color ($16, or rockin’ ‘em out in Essie’s Nail Color, Bachelorette Bash ($8,

But before you start applying nail color, you mustn’t forget to keep your natural nails looking healthy and strong with products like Cuticle Care Tin by Badger at Ulta ($5.50) which soothe and repair your nail cuticles. Just keep this in mind: at your next manicure appointment, make sure that the nail technician doesn’t cut your cuticles too low or push them back too far, otherwise you could open yourself to an infection.

Fragile nails rejoice because Perfect Formula Strengthen & Seal Sheer Pink ($29, does strengthen and protect your nails. I’ve used this product for the last two months and my nails no longer peel nor are they paper thin.

Tip 1: Don’t pick your nail polish off.

Tip 2: Don’t bite or pull off your cuticles.

Tip 3: Keep your hands dry by wearing rubber gloves if you’re using household detergents, washing dishes and household cleaners.

Hue Knew It? I did. 

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

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