Luxe Heels That Take Foot Care To The Next Level

Luxe Heels That Take  Foot Care To The Next Level

Foot Care 

What comes natural is you reaching for your favorite stilettos [with good toe cleavage] because they go with absolutely everything. The sad part is realizing that in order to look good, you have to deal with the inevitable stabbing pains your favorite shoes cause and there seems to be no solution in sight. But, there is. Modele Market picks up where Dr. Scholl’s leaves bridging the gap between luxury and comfort.

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The Buzz

For anyone who wears heels, it’s rare to find shoes that can be worn for hours without there being pain.

Aware that the heel struggle, and overall foot care is real for most women, CEO and Modele Market heel designer, LolaChel, strives to bridge the gap between luxury and comfort with her first shoe line called the “Naomi,” perfectly designed from the heel height, to the shape, to the custom padding made from patent leather and silicone materialto extend your wear time to up to three additional hours. 

Us working women have all been there before,” said LolaChel. “We all have those heels that don’t treat us well, but we keep going back to the pain. 

Designed using the highest quality leather and sheepskin material, and a comfortable rubber sole, every heel purchase comes with a complimentary custom padding and a pedi kit to encourage foot care, and help reduce long term and permanent damage between pedicures. The pedi kit is made by hand by LolaChel from all-natural ingredients, including peppermint essential oil, shea butter, almond oil and more. The kit also comes with aloe infused socks – the aloe treats your skin while you sleep. It includes: 1 Clear Cosmetic Bag, 1 All Natural Peppermint Serum, 1 All Natural Peppermint Sugar Scrub, 1 Pumice Bar, and 1 Pair Of Aloe Infused Anklet Moisture Retaining Socks a $25 value.

Availability: In black and nude

Price: $130

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