Why This 60 Second Rule Matters

Why This 60 Second Rule Matters

Do you know about the 60 second rule for washing your skin? Effectively washing away dirt and debris optimizes the effects of products in your daily regimens.  Meet Miss A’s Sand Timer, your new face cleansing bestie for under $2. 

Miss A’s Official Key Items A+ Beauty Sand Timer makes cleansing for 60 seconds a breeze while allowing cleanser ingredients to soften pores and rid dirt and debris. Simply flip this cute little gadget over to cleanse and when the sand runs out it’s time to rinse.

Price: $1.88   Availability: shopmissa.com; skimlinks affiliate)

Take your new Miss A Sand Timer for a test run with Neutrogena Deep Cleanse Cream Cleanser or your favorite cleanser. This oil-free formula deep cleans pores, dissolves makeup, removes dirt and grime, dead, rough skin for a fresh, healthy complexion.

Price: $7.79 Availability: Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid


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