Get A Face Lift: Stylish Spectacles For Fall ’14

Get A Face Lift: Stylish Spectacles For Fall ’14
Change the world’s perception of you by simply replacing your humdrum eyeglasses with which you use to see near and far now with a pair of stylish spectacles from brands MOSCOT, Ray Ban and Warby-Parker – glasses that read smart, fashion-forward and beautifully bold.
The Smart Stylish Spectacle

Perfectly-designed and inspired by the quintessential shapes of the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60, the MOSCOT Originals Collection for Fall 2014 proudly pays homage to Magritte’s “The Treachery of Images,” with inspiration from classic cigar wrappers and hand drawn representations of its four classic and timeless new styles: The AVRAM, EZRA, GELT and The YONA all the while celebrating New York City.


The AVRAM was born a humble medical device, distributed to the needy as part of Lyndon B. Johnson’s famous social reform Revenue Act of 1964. Fifty plus years later, The AVRAM returns, a proud prescription for those in need of a fashion fix.

The EZRA: 

Ezra ran the busiest fruit stand in the Essex Street Market, but that didn’t stop his daily visits to our Grandpa Sol to trade crisp Granny Smith Apples for the pair of eyeglasses he coveted. It took quite a few bushels for Ezra to pay for these classic, WWII era spectacles, but eventually he took care of his debt, while simultaneously proving that an apple a day does not, in all cases, keep the doctor away…

The GELT: 

If you love The LEMTOSH, with its keyhole bridge, and diamond-shaped rivets, but want something just a little bit bigger and bolder, The GELT is right on the money. Trust us. (Look it up.)

The YONA:  

The big, bold, and beautiful, square-shaped YONA is based on the classic 1950s 3D movie theatre glasses, and is built for your viewing pleasure – whether you’re looking through them…or at them.

Pricing and Availability: AVRAM, EZRA, GELT and The YONA retail for $240 as ophthalmic, and $270 as sunglasses and are available now in MOSCOT Shops; online at, and in specialty retail and optical shops worldwide.

Instagram: @MOSCOTNYC

The Fashion-Forward Spectacle

hueknewit-FASHION-FAVES-stylish-spectacles-Warby-ParkerBe a bit daring and set the basic black frames aside – an act that clearly escaped  featured celebs Mindy Kaling, Charlize Theron and Amber Rose in favor of the uber-clean Nash Crystal from Warby-Parker – ($95,, which is a part of their new Fall collection and screams personality. Could this be your new signature look? Designed with a polished professional and the perpetually adventurous, the brand has updated three hardworking acetate frames with titanium temples in crystal. But if you’re more straightlaced, angular silhouettes are available as well.

Instagram: @warbyparker

The Beautifully Bold Spectacle

“Doin’ me” is the message these transluscent, candy-colored Ray Ban ‘M’ Irregular 52MM Optical Frames ($116, convey with absolute conviction…no middle finger necessary.

Instagram: @rayban

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