4 Must-Use Winter Sunscreen Products

4 Must-Use Winter Sunscreen Products

Neither the temperature nor the gray skies this season should determine whether you wear sunscreen. Winter sunscreen is always a “do.” Discover four must-use winter sunscreen products from Coola, Aveeno, CeraVe, and Perfective Ceuticals.

LOVE COOLA Face Organic Sunscreen – SPF 30 Cucumber Matte Finish ($36, coolasuncare.com) because of it’s refreshingly light cucumber scent. But besides smelling good, if you’re someone whose desperate to “kill the shine,” then you’ll appreciate the matte finish ‘Coola’ leaves behind. Infused with anti-aging Vitamin C, ‘Coola’ smoothes lines, improves elasticity and helps skin retain moisture. Ideal for normal or oily skin.

From SPF 30 to SPF 70, the Aveeno New Protect and Hydrate line has got you covered. Besides keeping your skin safe from the sun, ‘New’ is a hydrating formula that can be used on both face and body. It’s also oil-free, fast-absorbing and water-resistant for 80 minutes. But what does Sun Protection Factor (SPF) mean exactly? It means that your skin is protected from the aging and burning rays of the sun anywhere from 97- 99%. SPF 30 allows for 300 minutes of exposed time in the sun before reapplication is needed. SPF 50 means 500 minutes of protection without burning and SPF 70 means 700 minutes of protection. But who needs that much protection? You might.

Women with sensitive skin should consider CeraVe Sunscreen for Body SPF 50 ($14.99 walgreens.com) as an option. For the body, ‘CeraVe’ is a lightweight, oil-free sunscreen formula that dries clear, so all skin-tones can use this product without the worry of an ashy white film being left behind!

Perfective Ceuticals Ultra-Light Sunscreen SPF 40 ($48, perfectiveceuticals.com) is a little different in that it is formulated with cellular-protecting plant extracts and utilizes an exclusive ultra-light technology, so it glides on smoothly and leaves a non-greasy finish. ‘Ultra-light’ is a sunscreen that can be worn alone, over your moisturizer or even as a makeup primer.

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