Miracle Under Eye Skin Care Products You’ll Love

Miracle Under Eye Skin Care Products You’ll Love

Look as youthful as actress Sanaa Lathan with four miracle under eye skin care products from Myo Essentials, Molton Brown, Erno Laszlo, and Peter Thomas Roth.

Stress and partying too much equal many sleepless nights, which equals the appearance of puffy eyes, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes…definitely not the way you want to say “Hello world, I’m here!”

The release of the stress hormone cortisol, according to WebMD is the cause of collagen breakdown – a vital component necessary to keeping our skin looking plump and full. Mystery solved. It’s no wonder that a lack of sleep makes us look less young and vibrant.

So while you work on getting your 6-8 hours of nightly snooze on, HKI’s got some product suggestions that will help reverse the hiccups of your past indiscretions or just plain help maintain the delicate skin surrounding your eye so these hiccups don’t become your reality.

Kept on my own bathroom sink, Myo Essentials Refreshing Anti-Puff Gel ($15, myotone.com) is and pardon the hyperbole, a godsend of a product. Just point and roll as this lightweight cooling gel, which contains Essential oils helps wipe away your puffy sins. Can be used under moisturizer or special treatment/serum and applying before makeup.

Dark shadows and fine lines beware of Molton Brown Skincare Vita B3 Eye Concentrate ($69, moltonbrown.com). Studies show that when 30 women over a 56-day period used the concentrated ‘Vita’ eye serum, there was a 39% decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Used on the models at this year’s Juicy Couture Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Presentation, ERNO Laszlo phormula 3-9 Eye Repair ($175, ernolaszlo.com) is an emollient cool gel that stimulates microcirculation. It contains Raspberry cultured cells – an antioxidant that neutralizes environmental pollutants, Sweet Almond Oil to hydrate and Pine extracts which promote healthy, refreshed looking skin. Good for all skin types.

Most of the focus is usually on getting rid of puffy eyes. But what should you use if the area beneath your eye is depressed in appearance? You use Peter Thomas Roth Neuro Liquid Volufill Youth Eye Serum ($85, peterthomasroth.com). From PTR’s brand website, ‘Volufill’ “helps improve the look of lost fullness, hollowness, wrinkles, crow’s feet, crepiness and darkness around the eyes.” The science behind the magic is this…’Volufill’ contains 19 amino acids which stimulate collagen, Chlorellagen DP*, Sym-White® 377*, hyaluronic acid, collagen, 24 hour moisturizers to brighten, Sym- 3D™ to restore fullness and LIFTONIN®-XPRESS which helps helps reduce the look of wrinkle volume within one hour.  Bravo Peter, you did it again. 


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