4 Remedies For Extremely Dry Cracked Skin

4 Remedies For Extremely Dry Cracked Skin

Keep your skin soft & smooth with four remedies for extremely dry cracked skin with products Ahava, , VMV Hypoallergenics, Eucerin, and Lierac Paris.

We haven’t even reached the first day of Winter (which is December 22nd), and the weather is dipping to near freezing temperatures (40° in some parts of the country, and that’s the high!). So now’s as good a time as any to winterize your skin so you don’t end up with extremely dry and cracked skin that’s an inevitable side-effect of harsh weather.

Snow bunnies like Mariah Carey know this and so should you – extreme weather calls for extreme measures and Ahava Intensive Nourishing Body Cream ($32, ulta.com) is one of those products that can produce the nourishment your skin needs during wintry conditions. This body cream is made with dead sea mineral mud which is rich in nutrients and minerals. Mineral mud is also known for moisturizing dry, rough and cracked skin.

The Know-It-Oil ($40, vmwhypoallergenics.com, 4.2oz) is the unexpected stand-out item of this entry because it’s an oil of all things that can be used on your face & body. The selling points: it’s not greasy, it’s 100% virgin coconut oil and it’s compatible with all skin types – yes, even oily ones. It’s virtually odorless, so wearing it won’t give you a headache and lastly, it’s very effective in treating extremely dry skin.

If you’ve got dry and flaky skin, then a little Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Lotion ($11.79, drugstore.com) may be just what you need. It’s a lotion that gives you intense hydration while it gently  exfoliates your skin. It quickly absorbs into your skin and doesn’t feel greasy.

Have you ever felt that pinching sensation on your skin but you couldn’t do anything about it because you were out in public? It’s because of a few factors: your skin is dehydrated, ultra-dry or possibly keratotic (an abnormally thick buildup of cells/skin). Treat “every” part of your body with tender loving care by using Lierac Hydrofilia Super Body Cream ($36, dermadoctor.com). It’s a super-rich body cream that hydrates. The ingredient urea treats flakiness and discomfort.

Hue Knew It? I did.   

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