Meet Your New Go-To Acne Spot Treatment

Meet Your New Go-To Acne Spot Treatment

Spot Treatment

We’re in all agreement that hyperpgmentation sucks. Especially when the annoying acne flare up results in long-term dark spot scarring that far outstays its welcome. But before you can treat the ensuing scar you’ll need to slow and shrink the active acne growths with Derma E Sulfur Spot Treatment – a targeted spot treatment that absorbs oil as you sleep.

Derma E is already renowned for their clinically proven, dermatologist recommended Anti-Acne Collection, and this new product is sure to be another fan favorite. This unique acne fighting solution absorbs excess oils and sebum to calm and soothe the appearance of red, irritated skin. Acting as an “on-the-spot” solution that targets and dries blemishes, the gentle yet potent treatment is made from a blend of Colloidal Sulfur, Calamine, Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel and Aloe to treat the appearance of blemishes while you sleep. The lead ingredient Colloidal Sulfur is well known to absorb oils that may cause blemishes and Calamine helps to reduce the appearance of redness as Salicylic Acid unclogs the pores. Aloe Vera then works to soothe and calm while Witch Hazel helps to tone and balance skin. 

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