Disrupt Your Summer Sunscreen Routine With This

Disrupt Your Summer Sunscreen Routine With This

The Buzz

It's kinda hard to be different when it comes to the sunscreen you use, until now....meet the hint sunscreen with a fruity essence that stimulates your senses. hint sunscreen SPF 30 makes applying  sun protection a more enjoyable ritual and comes in three natural fruit essences- grapefruit, pear, and pineapple that provides 360° easy mist application. hint sunscreen is a refreshing new take on sun protection, has extra fast drying time and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes, so it's perfect for the beach and music festivals, and everything in between. Founder CEO Kara Goldin explains...she realized that applying sunscreen could be a great experience if she engaged the consumer’s sense of smell. Who better to do that than hint? [blockquote]“If you are already a fan of our delicious hint® unsweetened flavored water, you can imagine how amazing this sunscreen will smell as you apply it. If you’re new to our brand, I promise you’ll enjoy the sensorial kick. And for the guys out there, don’t worry: while it smells great going on, the scent becomes quite subtle on your skin (you won’t walk around smelling like a pina colada).” [/blockquote] Availability: drinkhint.com Price: 6 fl oz / $24


Why You'll Love It (or not)

As the fine, clear mist dispensed, I was automatically hit first, by the cooling sensation that it left on my skin, I was then taken aback in a good way by the grapefruit essence. Not exactly the right fragrance choice for me because I thought that my body chemistry and this completely clashed. A refreshing scent? Yes. Right for me? Not. I like eating a juicy grapefruit, but wearing it as a fragrance is something I won't do again. But just because this particular essence didn't work for me, it doesn't mean that this, or the other two offerings (pineapple and pear) wouldn't work for you.

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