Make This Your New Cult Organic Beauty Product!

Make This Your New Cult Organic Beauty Product!

Organic Beauty

wally's natural organic beauty

So have you heard? Wally’s Natural Organic Body Oil  is one of the best certified organic beauty product choices you’ll ever make if you want a simple solution to moisturizing dry skin, and to improve the look of stretch marks and scars, leaving your skin looking radiant, and glowing.

The Buzz

Wally’s Natural Organic Body Oil is the only organic body oil available at Walmart. This body oil is made with a special blend of natural ingredients sesame, chickweed, calendula, and other essential oil that rich in vitamins and minerals that quickly absorbs into your skin without leaving behind a greasy residue or heavy scent. Use it after the shower and before bed for silky smooth skin.

Wally’s Natural products are dermatologist-tested, non-GMO and are not tested on animals. The company honors nature through solar-powered facilities, green manufacturing, 100% recyclable packaging and sourcing that supports organic agriculture.


Price: $9.88

Why You’ll Love It

There are plenty of reasons why I love Wally’s Natural Organic Body Oil. It doesn’t contain pore-clogging mineral oil. I’m all about the delivery system – it’s a roll on, so you can tote it anywhere, use it on the go, and it won’t spill! This body oil is a total must-buy for anyone who wants quick and effective relief from dry skin. And last but not least, if you want to experience the aromatherapy benefits of soothing and calming Lavender Oil and balancing Sesame Seed Oil, this is your product.

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