Get “Puuurrty” Skin With These Facial Cleansing Devices

Get “Puuurrty” Skin With These Facial Cleansing Devices

It’s time to raise your skin cleansing regimen another notch with electronic facial cleansing devices from Mary Kay, Spa Sonic and newbie on the block, Instrumental Beauty.

What makes facial cleansing devices the wave of now is the notion that dirt and makeup is thoroughly removed in seconds, they promote the ease of product penetration and many aren’t cost-prohibitive, ranging in price on this list from $30-$80.

On the lowest end of the price spectrum is Face Effects by Spa Sonic ($29.98, – a waterproof device with two speeds and three attachments: a small brush for the face to minimize pores, a facial sponge to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This device also comes with a travel storage case.

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For an additional $20, you could buy Mary Kay skinvigorate ($50,, which also has two speeds helping to improve the look of your skin immediately as it polishes and softens the look of fine lines. This boxed set includes two brush heads and batteries.

Retailing well below $100 is Instrumental Beauty Sonic Facial Brush ($80, select drugstores, – a 3-speed, 2-brush head facial cleansing device that does what the previously described brushes do, but it also comes with a charging/storage stand. Get ready for a radiant complexion ladies and gents!

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