Face Masks That Reveal Even Better Looking Skin

Face Masks That Reveal Even Better Looking Skin

Face Masks

Maybe you want a quick face lift. Or your skin craves intense hydration. Or luminous skin is on the brain, reach for one of Freeze 24-7 ‘s Coconut Gel face masks designed to address three types of skin care concerns.

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The Buzz

Freeze 24-7 Anti-Gravity Lifting Face Mask – contains active lifting ingredients that help strengthen skin elasticity and restore skin density for firmer, younger looking skin. It contains Adenosine to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, Serilesine to increase density elasticity, and relieves existing fine lines and wrinkles while preventing future ones. It also contains Mushroom Complex extract with enriched B-glucan to supply moisturizing care and nutrition to the skin.

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Freeze 24-7 Radiance Brightening Face Mask combines brightening and skin improving ingredients to restore luster and vitality. Ingredients include Diffuporine to accelerate synthesis of water channel to help supply abundant moisture to skin from inside & outside, and Amino Acid Complex to encourage new skin cell growth, and cure skin hydration and elasticity.

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Freeze 24-7 Intense Hydrating Face Mask contains deeply penetrating moisturizing peptides that boost hydration. Ingredients include Amino acids to reinforce skin’s natural moisture barrier, and seals it in for long-lasting hydration. White Power Telangyn brightens and evens skin tone while preventing redness and blemishes, and Brightening Complex protects from harmful environments for bright and healthy skin while moisturizing and softening skin to keep it tone and radiant.

Price: $60 per box / 8 masks

Availability: Bloomingdale’s, Bloomingdales.com, freeze247.com

Why You’ll Love It

While a full-on facial wasn’t on the schedule, a quick lift was by way of the Freeze 24-7 Anti-Gravity Face Mask. I never say no to firmer looking skin, which is what this mask offers. After 25 minutes I removed the mask and my skin looked okay. Can’t say that I got that magical lifted effect, but to be fair, I’d need to do this 2-3 times a week to actually see a difference.

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