Get Lust-Worthy Skin With 3 Great Facial Masks

Get Lust-Worthy Skin With 3 Great Facial Masks

Consider the mask portion of your skin care program whether done in the privacy of your own home or in a spiffy spa as your time to chill for 10-15 minutes while your mask goes to work. Unfortunately, not everyone has bought into the idea of masks, but after reading this, hopefully those naysayers will be convinced of its many benefits.

What are the benefits of masks? They rid your pores of impurities, banish blemishes, hydrate, soothe and rejuvenate sluggish skin, nourish & tighten and tone. Get lust-worthy skin with three great facial masks from Murad, Botanics, and GrandCentralBeauty.

To tighten and tone skin that’s a little less than firm and sluggish skin try creamy Murad Age-Diffusing Firming Mask ($68, Although the fountain of youth is somewhat elusive, it doesn’t stop us hopeful lchicks from doing all that we can to turn back the hands of time…just a little bit. As you apply this firming mask you’ll feel it immediately tighten as the shea butter works to hydrate your skin and Brazilian Fruit Extracts promote collagen production to plump skin and help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Clay masks like Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask ($8.99, are excellent because they act as magnets to draw out from your skin deep rooted impurities without overdrying it, yet it hydrates and is oil-absorbent which then leaves your skin really soft and incredibly clean. Not ideal for dry skin.

The key benefits of the GrandCentralBeauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting™ Mask are that it’s Smoothing, Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Redness-Reducing and Toning, which are all achieved within 15 minutes weekly. Good for all skin types because it’s hypoallergenic and free of skin irritating chemicals like sulfates and parabens and can also be worked into an anti-aging skin care regimen. To see this mask in action click here to view video.  Note that this mask is in partnership with, a luxury and tailored beauty sampling subscription service.

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