Give Oily Skin A Matte Appearance With Shine Free Cosmetics

Give Oily Skin A Matte Appearance With Shine Free Cosmetics

Want to give oily skin a matte appearance with shine free cosmetics? The elusive search for beauty products that actually give oily skin a matte appearance has seemed to finally come to an end. SKINN Cosmetics’ newest makeup innovation Plasma Flawless Powderless Touch-Up Skin Perfector ($30, is the absolute shiznick baby! Say good bye to blotting powder and say hello to Skin Perfector (SP) – a product you don’t rub on. Glowing skin is one thing, but when your skin starts to look like an oil slick it’s time to call 911 or better yet Skin Perfector. Moments after you apply SP on your face you’ll notice how your large pores look virtually undetectable and as you apply it throughout the day it doesn’t cake up. This product is hot! 

Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer, Oil-free ($49, initially came into HKIs focus at a product preview this Summer at a New York City gallery and quickly became one of the three stand out products from the showing because of its powerful mattefying ability. This moisturizer is an oil-free gel creme that contains anti-aging elements. The fermented sweet tea helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and ginger refines your pores. You gotta love two-fers – anti-aging and reduces shine?! Ideal for combination and oily skin types and for anyone who wants to smooth out fine lines. Alcohol and paraben-free.

Which Mattefying Product Do You Want To Try?

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