Stop The Aging Process with At-Home Anti Aging Facial Tools

Stop The Aging Process with At-Home Anti Aging Facial Tools

Stop the aging process with two at-home anti aging facial tools from Tanda Luxe and HAAN Therapeutics.

A little electric tool action is good for the soul don’t ya think? Give your face a boost during your next scheduled at-home facial with one of these two anti-aging beauty devices and discover what it means to go against mother nature’s will. Stop the aging process already!

Beauty tools such as the Tanda Luxe ($195, and HAAN Therapeutics Anti-Aging Facial SAI Complex Activator ($99.99, are in HKI’s view impressive pieces of consumer-friendly machinery that puts the power of anti-aging into your hands and out of the hands of expensive dermatologists.

The Tanda Luxe is an electronic photo-facial device. Photo facials which can cost anywhere between $300-$600 are when high beams of broadband red light are delivered to the face to treat facial conditions like broken capillaries, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles to name a few and at treatments-end reveals smooth & glowing skin. The warm sonic vibration of the massage head feels like heaven on your skin. Use this tool for a maximum of 12 minutes each treatment, twice weekly for maximum results around the eyes and/or on other treatment areas. Once your treatment is complete you can start applying your lotions and potions.

You should note the contraindications to using this device: pregnancy, medications that make your skin sensitive to light and suspicious or cancerous lesions. If you purchase this product make certain to read the directions thoroughly.

Give the days of steaming your pores open via the shower, over a sink of hot water, with a warm towel or even under the auspice of a qualified skin care therapist a rest and try HAAN Therapeutics Anti-Aging Facial SAI Complex Activator ($99.99, This activator is designed to be used with the Haan Therapeutics line of skin care products and SAI Complex. In only five minutes, this tool delivers the right amount of steam dosage and temperature to open pores and activate the SAI molecule in Haan Therapeutics skin care products for maximum skin benefits. For best results, use this tool 1-3 times a week.

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