The Cool As Ice Gel Moisturizer You Must Try

The Cool As Ice Gel Moisturizer You Must Try

Gel Moisturizer

Even though the Dog Days of August are behind us, scorching heat is still persisting well into September throughout many parts of the country, so cool off with ICELAND Hydrating Soothing Gel, a gel moisturizer that invigorates skin on contact. 

The Buzz

ICELAND Hydrating Soothing Gel is a super-lightweight, cooling gel moisturizer made with real Iceland water to help keep skin hydrated even in the hottest of weather.  From K Beauty brand THE SAEM, this gel will immediately transport you to a cooler state of mind and body.  TIP: For an extra dose of cool keep the ICELAND Hydrating, Soothing Gel in the fridge between applications. 


Price: $7.49

Why You’ll Love It

Although one of the tips is to keep it in the fridge between applications to feel a serious cool, I used straight away while sitting on my desk and this gel is the real deal…it’s coooldd. 

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