Bye Bye Embarrassing Acne Breakout

Bye Bye Embarrassing Acne Breakout
Celebs are human too, just ask Sleepy Hollow actress Nicole Beharie, who like the rest of us suffers from the occasional acne breakout. With products from Miracle Transformer, Aczone, Clear Clinic, CLn and Murad, clearing said breakouts gets easier and easier.   
Doctor’s Office Only

Fact: Almost 50 million Americans are affected by acne. This figure is especially troubling for acneic children whose condition progresses with them through adulthood. Another surprising fact is that “one in three women with acne are embarrassed to speak with their dermatologist about their condition because it’s supposed to be a teen issue.”

If you believe that your skin condition is beyond the help of what’s offered on drugstore shelves, head to a dermatologist – maybe Dr. Doris Day, MD, a board certified dermatologist affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center, who can tell you what Aczone Gel can do to improve what you see in the mirror. An acne medication that can only be prescribed by a doctor, ACZONE® (dapsone) Gel 5% contains the active ingredient topical dapsone, which treats inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne and does not cause sun sensitivity.

As HueKnewIt dug deeper into this thing called acne, we reached out to the newest member of the JUVA Skin and Laser Center, dermatologist Dr. Anthony Rossi and asked him a few burning questions

Q: With the growing number of at-home acne products available for purchase, when is it appropriate for a consumer to “throw in the towel” and see a professional for their skin care issues?

A: There are many over the counter acne products to choose from, however they may or may not be suitable for your skin type or type of acne you have.  If you are having persistent breakouts or the large cystic type of acne than it is best to consult with a dermatologist.  They can guide you on the proper type of product to use and the frequency with which to use.  Overuse of a certain type of product may be too drying or harsh.

Q: What do you say to the person whose at-home remedy for treating a puss-filled acne lesion is with a block of ice? 

A: Sometime acne lesions can form pustules.  These are tiny papules that are filled with puss.  You should not squeeze or pick these as it can lead to worsening of the acne, scarring, and or infection of the skin.  Washing the skin regularly with a facial cleanser and seeing your dermatologist for proper treatment is best.  Also using warm compresses can help alleviate some of the pustules.

Q: Oftentimes, acne sufferers don’t have the luxury of health insurance. What can a person on a thin budget do to treat their marred complexions?

A: Fortunately there are many over the counter acne products that can help with mild acne.  Facial cleansers that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid are mainstays to help prevent and treat mild acne.  These can be use one to twice daily.  Then using a night cream with a retinol base can also help fight acne.  Using a sunblock everyday will help even out skin tone and prevent hyperpigmentation of the skin due to UV sun exposure.  There are also products with glycolic acid or kojic acid to help even out skin tone and fight acne.  As always whenever using over the counter products one should do a use test on a small area of skin to make sure they do not react adversely to it and should not use these while they are pregnant or planning pregnancy.

A Dab”ll  Do Ya

Self-described “best acne expert in the business,” NYC dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger developed Vanished Clear Spot Treatment ($35, – the on-the-go acne remedy formulated with potent blemish-fighters menthol, glycolic and salicylic acids. Unlike other acne spot treatments, Vanished doesn’t leave a residue, which makes it difficult to apply makeup over it. You can also use treatment over makeup.

Quick relief from a bump-up also calls for Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix ($16.00,, which spot treats pimples and severe acne breakouts for quick relief delivered in a hydrophase gel that doesn’t irritate and treats deep down with great burnet (a plant in the family Rosaceae) and allantoin to soothe inflamed skin and niacinamide to minimize redness. But more than anything, this over-the-counter formula doesn’t smell like a medication!

For The Eczema In You

What a cruel joke if you suffer from both eczema and acne, but all isn’t lost in the way of help because CLn Facial Cleanser($28, – a dermatologist-developed, clinically-tested product is designed to calm and soothe skin that is prone to eczema, acne and rosacea. As this cleanser gently wipes away dirt and bacteria, skin remains hydrated. Great for sensitive skin.

Conceal And Treat

Get an airbrushed complexion while you cover, correct and protect with Miracle Transformer Treat & Conceal ($36, – the multi-purpose solution to treating hyperpigmentation as a result of an acne lesion. Developed for use for under eye and face, Transformer instantly improves skin tone, luminosity and texture as it minimizes the look of pores and fine lines.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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