Your Bedtime Solution To No Wrinkles As You Sleep

Your Bedtime Solution To No Wrinkles As You Sleep

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Perhaps it was cruel and unusual to feature Hidden Figures’ Janelle Monae because, well, she has no wrinkles to speak of! Let Janelle serve as your inspiration as you sleep with the The Night Pillow – a new solution in the fight against wrinkles.

The Buzz

The Night Pillow™ ($150,  is a memory foam pillow that supports your efforts in achieving clear skin, shiny hair and a comfortable sleep. Offered in three different border designs, the signature black pillowcase negates light and acts like a built-in sleep mask. As you catch come zzz’s, fight bedhead,wrinkles, and blemishes. The Night Pillow pillowcase is made from highest quality mulberry silk to prevent bunching and is machine-washable.

Why You’ll Love It

So, I haven’t exactly tried this pillowcase yet because samples ran out long before I asked for one! What I do know is the material, mulberry silk is extremely soft and is a a best friend to your skin because you won’t wake up with horrible sleep creases on your face. I also believe that the the memory foam construction of this pillow is top-notch. While the $150 price tag is concerning, I’d be willing to spend that if it meant that this product would help me look younger, longer, while at the same time protect my delicate tresses. I’m 100% in.

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