Pumpkin Mask: Purify & Polish In One Step

Pumpkin Mask: Purify & Polish In One Step

Pumpkin Mask

Smells good enough to eat – Peter Thomas Roths’ Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is the antidote for dull, acneic skin. Packed with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids, pumpkin is a natural ingredient that loosens what bonds skin cells, so skin appears more even with a smoother texture.    

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The Buzz

Peter Thomas Roths’ Pumpkin Enzyme Mask  is a 3-in-1 skin resurfacer formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid that sloughs away dull surface skin cells. It also purifies pores for a fresh, youthful radiance. Made with Aluminum Oxide Crystals, which are commonly found in microdermabrasion treatments, this pumpkin mask effectively polishes and rejuvenates skin for a brighter complexion. 

Available: ulta.com

Price: $58

Why You’ll Love Them

Most recently I used another brand’s pumpkin mask, and there is one big difference – PTR’s version isn’t super thick. The formula is thin enough to scoop out with my fingers and slather onto my damp face. I concentrated on my chin area where the skin is scabby due to picking. After 7 minutes elapsed, I washed off the mask and felt much smoother skin then when I started. This mask is the real deal people…thumbs up!  

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