Reduce The Appearance of Blemishes From Acne

Reduce The Appearance of Blemishes From Acne

Reduce the appearance of blemishes from acne with four blemish-fading products from Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase, Bliss, Luminaze, Obagi Nu-Derm, and Bliss.

If you’re the occasional acne sufferer who’s still searching for that catch-all solution to clear up the blemishes left behind, then you’re in luck because HKI found four more rather effective and rather different treatments that may just answer your desperate call for help.

Serums such as Dr Lewinn by Kinerase Perfecting Skin Tone Serum XK ($28.49, delivers nutrients deep into the skin versus a moisturizer which hydrates the outermost layers of the skin. Dr. Lewinn contains a hydroquinone alternative called Sepivinol®, a red wine extract, Sepiwhite® and SymWhite® to provide a triple-level attack on melanin. Talk about three ways of fighting irregular melanin production…over time you’ll notice a gradual fading of your dark spots. Application: Always apply serums first after cleansing your face.

How about a mask to lighten dark spots? Bliss, the creator of all things spa is the brainchild behind Bliss No ‘Zit’ Sherlock Breakout Busting Rubberized Mask ($38, – a rubberized mask that’s formulated to help prevent future breakouts, fade blemishes, purge pores and control oil. In fact, check out my SkinFix: Even the Appearance of Acne Blemishes video posted on HueKnewIt TV for how to use this product and what I actually thought about it.

My own dermatologist, New York-based Dr. Elena Jones swears behind the effectiveness of the Obagi line of clinical products and today’s focus is on step #6 within the Nu Derm line – Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Fader #6 ($66.60, Sun Fader with SPF 15 actually protects your skin from the sun as the 4% hydroquinone works on fading those hyperpigmented areas of your face. Get ready to greet a brighter looking complexion in the mirror ladies…this product rocks!

But what if you want a hydroquinone-free fade product? Look no further than Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator ($120, which contains Luminaze™ Enzyme, the only ingredient that breaks down melanin in the skin and quickly reverses the appearance of dark spots and age spots to reveal a brighter complexion and even skin tone within seven days. Seven days? I had to test this theory for myself…

I used both Luminaze and Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Fader #6 for four weeks to see which product did more to fade my never-ending appearances of dark spots…and the winner was Luminaze! While I still have visible dark spots, almost immediately after applying Luminaze, I noticed a peeling action on my blemishes which meant that the darker layers of melanin were being removed gently one at a time to reveal a more evened skin tone. I used and still do to this day use Obaji as my sun protector. Application: Always apply Luminaze first after cleansing your face and then apply a moisturizer.

It’s every woman’s right to live a blemish-free existence.

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