Solve Sensitive Dry Skin Drama With These 3 Products

Solve Sensitive Dry Skin Drama With These 3 Products

Save the sensitive dry skin drama for your mama and take a leap of faith like Halle Berry is with her new television venture – Extant, with three extraordinary products from brand’s Wilma Schumann, Zensation and Simple Skin Care that will cure your dry sensitive skin care woes.  

What’s The Deal With Dry Skin?

Dry skin desperately seeks the comfort of skin that doesn’t feel like an unwanted wind-tunnel face lift. Think the Cat Lady – Jocelyn Wildenstein – disturbing. And when sensitivity is added to the mix – “Houston we have a problem.”

Skin Type: Dry/Sensitive

Containing healing ingredients calendula,  butcher’s broom, centella asiatica, flavanoids and saponines –  Wilma Schumann European Skin Care Soothing Serum ($38, has the goods to soothe dry skin and improve the appearance of reddened and sensitive skin. This serum is also useful in toning skin under the eyes. NOTE: Serums are treatment products that penetrate deeper than moisturizers into the skin for even better results.

For even more dry skin-lovin’ try Simple Skin Care Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer (click for location), which is loaded with ingredients and multi-vitamins that instantly hydrates and doubles as a great makeup primer.

Skin Type: Oily/Sensitive

And if you have oily skin that happens to also be sensitive, HKI suggests Zensation Sensitive Oily Skin Serum ($75, that contains a gentle combination of glycolic acid to unplug pores and tea trea oil to neautralize acne-causing bacteria. This gentle chemical exfoliant also contains hazel, arnica and zinc to calm inflamed skin to reveal glowing toned skin.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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