The Guide To Great Skin Care for 40 Somethings

The Guide To Great Skin Care for 40 Somethings

With any luck, this guide to great skin care for 40 somethings will give you the tools to getting your most perfect skin like my fave style icon Gwen Stefani and Kenya Moore with products from Peter Thomas Roth, Nuance Salma Hayek, Garnier and Neutrogena.

Two of the biggest concerns of women in this illustrious category are how to retain a youthful look – translation: How do I keep my face from dropping to the floor? And How do I keep my skin tone even while age spots fight to take a starring role on my face?

Increase Your Skin’s Resilence

To answer the call of the drooping face dilemma, consider Nuance Salma Hayek newest launch – Age Affirm Firming Day and Night Cream ($21.99, Combined, Rose Petal Complex, Jojoba Seed Oil, Olive Oil Extract, Oat Kernel Extract and Aloe Vera do their damndest to soften skin as it sculpts, smooths, calms and hydrates dry skin. Paraben-free.

For over 20 years the Peter Thomas Roth brand has delivered anti-aging products to women of all ages, in particular, hot chicks who survived their 30s and who now live out loud in their 40s. Case in point, long-time fan of PTR, actress Kelly Rutherford – a gorgeous 40-something is now the face of the brand. For more help on kicking gravity to the curb, try Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Turbo ($150, This product digs deep to combat stubborn deep wrinkles and facial expression lines, forehead wrinkles, the “eleven” lines, nose “scrunch” creases, parentheses, pout lines, and marionette lines – whew, that’s a lot! Possible? Absolutely. Because  of the blend of 18 potent anti-aging neuropeptides, which increase your skin’s resilience  and ability to snap back in times of stress and  peptides at 72 percent, which penetrate the skin’s barrier and tricks it into thinking it needs to produce collagen that has been lost.

Fix Uneven Skin Tone

The battle against skin discoloration is ever-present, but can be combatted with Garnier Ultra-Lift Transformer Anti-Age Skin Corrector ($16.99, With age comes skin the slacks more and more. Ultra-lift does two things: the micro-pigments auto-adjust to all skin tones and the Pro-Retinol from Nature promotes cell renewal while protecting the skin’s moisture level which decreases the likelihood of dryness and wrinkles.

Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair ($20.99, is another solution for solving for uneven skin tone in just one week because of the exclusive booster – Retinol SA and Vitamin C that accelerates skin’s surface activity to help smooth wrinkles and diminish the look of age spots, therefore brightening and evening skin tone.

Hue Knew It? I did.


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