Solutions For Fading Dark Spots on African American Skin

Solutions For Fading Dark Spots on African American Skin

Check out two dark spot treatment products for fading dark spots on African American skin from Ambi, Black Opal Cosmetics, and Rx for Brown Skin.

We’ve discussed the importance of evening your body’s complexion in previous articles, but the hot button issue of hyperpigmentation on our faces is a subject that never goes away. If there’s one thing that chips away at our self-esteem is a bumpy, spotty complexion. Even the likes of the one-time beauty queen, actress & singer, Vanessa Williams suffered from problem, acneic skin as a teenager and well into adulthood, and as documented by her commercials for Proactiv, she’s chosen a treatment plan to combat her skin issues.

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But suppose you missed the boat and didn’t treat your pimple(s) before it became an unwanted visitor on your once clear complexion. A common first response is to pull out the foundation and start covering up the scene of the crime. But what you have to remember is that makeup is only a temporary solution – you still need to deal with lightening the spot(s).

No matter what side of the pendulum you fall – someone who routinely suffers from hyperpigmentation or someone who deals with the occasional appearance of a dark spot, just know that all isn’t lost. Hyperpigmentation is manageable according to NY-based dermatologist and skin care expert for women of color, Dr. Elena Jones. From the fairest to the deepest of skin tones, Dr. Jones says that “Hyperpigmentation of any skin type or [tone] can [be treated] with 2% hydroquinone, and if that fails 4% hydroquinone can be [prescribed]. ”

In the aisles of your local drugstore you’ll find Ambi Fade Cream ($3.99) with Vitamin E (to heal), alpha hydroxy acid (to exfoliate), and sunscreen (to protect). Primarily known for evening skin discoloration, this fade cream is also used to lighten freckles, age and liver spots or uneven pigment that may occur during pregnancy (otherwise known as the pregnancy mask) or from the use of oral contraceptives. Black Opal Advanced Dual Complex Fade Gel ($15.95) doesn’t contain sunscreen, but it does contain glycolic acid which works well as an exfoliant and 2% hydroquinone to lighten.

RX For Brown Skin Bright and Even Exfoliating Moisturizer ($34, approaches the treatment of dark spots by infusing your face with a ton of moisture while hyperpigmented skin is sloughed away, which in time reveals a brighter and more even complexion. Use daily.

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