Try This Quick Fix For Hangover Skin

Try This Quick Fix For Hangover Skin

Hangover Skin

After a night of way too much partying - translation, one cocktail too many, you're left with a really bad headache, a few regrets, and even more regrettable, hangover skin. And so what's the fix for this? The Morning After Kit by The GG Method, which was created to bring dehydrated, puffy and red skin back to life. For the deets on how you can get your hands on this must-have skin care kit keep reading.  

The Buzz

Created by esthetician and brow stylist, Gregorie Guillaume, The Morning After Kit is a quick way to rehab hangover skin that's dehydrated and in desperate need of moisturization.  What makes this 3-step regimen unique is that it includes the must-have essentials to give skin a dewy complexion as it boosts collagen production so it plumps, smooths, and firms. Designed to be used at home or taken on the road, you'll never leave home again without this TSA-friendly kit.  

The kit includes Double Duty Day & Eye Face Cream, Clarifying Facial Cleanser, Glow Up Konjac Sponge, Alcohol-free and fragrance free Makeup Wipes, and a bonus Gel Eye Mask.  

Price: $15


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