Why Vitamin C Is Great For Healthy Skin

Why Vitamin C Is Great For Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

The first step to healthy skin starts from the inside out, which means you are giving your body plenty of water, nutrient-dense meals, and exercise to help flush toxins, ramp up your vitamin C intake and increase the blood flow to promote a more youthful appearance. Then focus outward by using products that minimize fine lines, UV damage and boosts moisture levels. 

Vitamin C serums are an antioxidant boost and contain tretinoin, which helps smooth fine lines and treats acne, and hyaluronic acid, which traps in moisture for all day hydration. You can find high-quality pharmaceutical-grade skincare products where they have a focus on prescription skincare that prioritizes boosting the health of your skin. 

The Buzz

Look fresh-faced 

Going glam is great for a night out, but let’s face it, most of the time your look is likely going for a more casual vibe. If your skin looks great then you can get that effortless look with a little  moisturizer, mascara and a swipe of lip color. Keeping things simple helps make your skin the focal point, so if it is looking it’s best, this less-is-more look will be spot on.

Beautiful skin is the ultimate canvas for fun looks

On the flip side, when you are ready to glam things up and have a little more fun with your makeup there is no better starting point than flawless healthy skin. Healthy skin is smooth, hydrated, clear, and ready to be a fresh canvas for any playful look. More-than-usual eye makeup, foundation, and contouring products will apply easier and better to super healthy skin, helping you avoid that caked-on, blotchy, or uneven look. You want your makeup to look like it is blending seamlessly into your skin and features, and beautiful skin will make this melding much easier.

Healthy skin needs less makeup

Another plus to making healthy skin the focus of your beauty routine is that you'll focus less on problem areas that arise because of make-up. You'll need less concealer, less highlighter and blush, and less foundation or BB cream because you really like your natural complexion. 

Have more time for other things

Keeping your skin healthy on a daily basis with the basics saves you a ton of time in front of the mirror. When you make hydration, exercise,and healthy eating a priority you'll make it easier to get your morning make-up routine down to just a few minutes.

Healthy skin feels better

Nothing is more annoying than dry itchy skin, a painful pimple, or patches of irritation like eczema, and covering it up successfully is just not an option. When your skin is healthy it just plain feels better too. So, focus your skincare on healthy habits, so that your skin will look and feel equally as great.

You feel confident even in no-makeup situations

There are plenty of no or little-makeup situations that crop up.  Whether you're at the gym, the beach, swimming, running a marathon, or just a surprise late-night trip to the grocery store - no one is going to do a full make-up look for these situations. And, while you should always feel confident about yourself, if you don’t love the way your skin looks, you probably won't feel like your awesome self completely bare-faced. Keeping your skin happy and healthy will help you feel completely confident in these little to no makeup situations, and when you feel confident, you will be at your best.

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