3 Hot New Beauty Treatments for Teeth, Hair & Skin

3 Hot New Beauty Treatments for Teeth, Hair & Skin

If you’re anything like your beauty blog readin’ contemporaries, then you understand full well what happens to the body when any new beauty product comes on the scene – slight panting and shortness of breath occurs. If this doesn’t happen to you, then can you really call yourself a beauty junkie?Just a little something to think about. Check out our picks for three hot new beauty treatments for teeth, hair, and skin from Jabot, Plus White, and Quick Tint.

A little gem of a product made it’s way to HKI’s door over the summer called Quick Tint Instant Root Hair Touch Up ($14.95, quicktint.net, 10 shades) and was quickly tested because it claims to dye pesky grays that never seem to go away. It works. Once you’ve twisted the color to the top of the device, just brush through where you need it and the color lasts for a few weeks. The directions say to either use on dry or wet hair. I suggest that if you have curly/coarse hair to use it on wet hair and style as usual.

This next product is where Hollywood and reality converged to create something pretty special – the faux Jabot cosmetics brand on the soap opera Young & The Restless is now a reality and one of the brands offerings is Jabot’s Red Carpet Crushed Diamond Facial Resurfacer ($29.50, hsn.com). Everything from how the line came to be, to the diamond-shaped crystals makes this product extra special. Use this when you want a little something more from an exfoliator which swaps dry, dingy skin for smooth, polished skin. Note: Use only a dime-size of product and lightly massage into face and neck.

When Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System ($10.99, walgreens.com) was created, the company obviously took into account people’s short attention spans and made their product available at a pricepoint that works for all pocketbooks. Why spend one hour whitening your teeth when it can be done in only five minutes for far less money?

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