America’s 3 Most-Wanted Natural Beauty Products

America’s 3 Most-Wanted Natural Beauty Products

Check out America’s three most-wanted natural beauty products from Neutrogena, Walker’s Apothecary, and Hugo Naturals.

Does your skin immediately sting or turn red when you apply makeup or skin care products? If yes, then you have sensitive skin. In many cases,  the ingredients *sulfates and *parabens are the reasons why your skin reacts so negatively. Is it too much to ask for a beauty product that won’t cause you unbearable discomfort when applied? For a time it was, but some well-known and some not so well-known cosmetics companies rose to the challenge and created products that women with sensitive skin can use without even thinking twice because they’re made without the chemicals that have been proven to cause irritation.

The well-known company Neutrogena dove head first into this “natural” concept and created (among other products), Neutrogena Naturals Face & Body Bar ($3.99, & drugstores) –  a fragrance-free face & body bar that gently cleans and softens your face without leaving it feeling dry and tight.

The concept of natural isn’t just reserved for skin care products, it penetrates the hair care market as well. The impetus for the creation of Hugo Naturals was to create a line of beauty products that contained all-natural ingredients. All the while still achieving the same effect of mainstream hair gels and still chemical-free, the most notable characteristic to HKI about Hugo Naturals Styling Gel ($5.99, is that it contains no alcohol and retains moisture unlike some other hair gels that leave your hair feeling dry. Works on all hair types.

Walker’s Apothecary, a neighborhood gem and spa located in Jersey City, New Jersey also develops natural skin care products that are paraben and sulfate-free but with a personal touch. Many of the products sold in the spa were created  by owner and esthetician Shalea Walker and my favorite of the bunch is Walker’s Apothecary Marine Enzyme Peel ($42, It’s a gentle enzyme peel that encourages gentle exfoliation, i.e. sloughs away dead skin cells and reveals a new and radiant complexion.

*Sulfates create the lather and foaming in facial cleansers and body soaps

*Parabens are preservatives (considered safe to use in cosmetics)

Hue Knew It? I did.

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