New Beauty Products for Face, Body & Hair

New Beauty Products for Face, Body & Hair

Discover five new beauty products for face, body, and hair from Physicians Formula, Smooth ‘N Shine, KaplanMD, Lily.B Skincare, and Freya.

Since Hue Knew It is fortunate to be one of the first on the scene at many beauty product launches, readers of this blog get to know what’s new and what’s happening just before or as these products hit the market. And if you’re so inclined, you might even want to share your newfound info with friends!

Recently, Physicians Formula held an event in New York City where they held a comprehensive overview of their bronzers – 13 in all to my surprise. While bronzers haven’t always been tops on the Hue Knew It list of favorite products, celeb makeup artist Joanna Schlip and an executive with the company gave such a compelling presentation that I was moved to rethink my position on bronzers and realized that bronzers really do make a difference to your beauty quotient.

Of the 13 bronzer’s that are manufactured, Bronzer Booster Glow-Boosting Sun Stones ($14.99, made the best impression because it’s made to enhance and extend a natural-looking glow of any skin tone (including the many shades of black women). If, when you first apply this bronzer you don’t think the product is doing much to get your skin glowing, then you can build on it to get your desired look. By the way, don’t be duped by the “sun stones.” The stones give you the look of a smooth loose powder without the mess. Since we all know that the beauty industry is a looks industry, is it any wonder that the packaging which includes a powder puff, and a mini bronzer brush with a mirror inside the compact is almost too pretty to use?

A hair product on the horizon that moisturizes your hair as you wrap and set it is Smooth ‘n Shine Polishing Olive & Tea Tree Revivoil Wrap- Set Mousse ($2.99, The first thing you feel after you’ve washed your hair is a wonderful tingling sensation on your scalp – this just lets you know that the tea tree is at work. Additionally, both the tea tree and olive oils condition your hair without the heaviness as with other mousses and provides a beautiful shine.

To use on wet hair, comb through to the ends and wrap and set as usual.

Learning about new beauty products nevet gets old…

Are you looking for a lip treatment that moisturizes, repairs, adds a little fullness to your pout while it protects with SPF 20? Look no futher than the all-natural, non-irritating kaplanMD Lip 20 Sheer Nude Shine ($30, that contains soy and Seabuckthorn Berry Extract (a moisturizer that’s much more emollient than Vitamin E). Just note that if this gem of a product goes missing, check your guys’ pocket because this lip treatment can be used by men as well.


Lily B. Skincare is an all-natural skin care line designed for the woman who wants to do more than maintain her complexion, but isn’t quite ready to fight wrinkles. This line is a blend of sea-sourced ingredients that cleanses, hydrates and protects all skin types. The Rose Hip Infused Facial Wash ($28.50, is sulfate-free which simply means it won’t strip essential oils and moisture from your skin. It’s a foaming cleanser that mildly exfoliates and contains astringent properties along with skin renewal properties of olive oil.

A new anti-aging skincare line is among us and it’s called freya+. Of the five products within the line, today’s focus is on the Hydrating Day Cream ($90, This product contains Scandinavia’s natural resources like marine Omega-3s (which improves elasticity & prevents dehydration at the deepest levels of your skin), and LEXATM Complex (which is made from pure Arctic salmon roe – salmon roe contains marine minerals and vitamins that help your skins healing properties, stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines). This day cream is good for all skin types, but especially for dry skin since it contains water-binding properties which keeps your skin feeling hydrated throughout the day.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Hue Knew It? I did.

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