Cannibis Beauty Products Really. Do. Work.

Cannibis Beauty Products Really. Do. Work.

Cannibis Beauty 

If you haven't joined the cannibis beauty movement yet, there's no rush, but why wait?! Considered an industry go-to for many now including celebs like Mandy Moore swears by the effects of organic hemp plant and uses the extracted CBD oil on her achy feet.

As today is the first day of spring, try adding a new layer to your  beauty and wellness routines that won't make you feel high, and comforts you from the inside out. Introducing CBD Living, which manufactures 100% organic hemp grown in Colorado, and produces a host of personal care products that are vegan and cruelty-free.  

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The Buzz

Tired of managing achy muscles and joints with pills? Try CBD Living Freeze, which increases blood flow to the sore area. Menthol scented, Living Freeze is designed with a rollerball applicator to deliver natural anti-inflammatories such as Arnica and Tea Tree Oil deep into the muscle tissue to alleviate pain.   


Price: $30 / 80ml

Another delivery system to  help alleviate pain is with CBD Living Tincture 500mg, an oil-based solution that is administered through drops under your tongue using the 1ml dropper, or could be added to food or drink in your desired amount. However, to quickly feel the healing effects of Living Tincture, drops under the tongue is suggested as it absorbs into your system much faster.

Price: $60

Why You'll Love Them

Sadly, osteoarthritis is now a part of my reality, and the idea of taking one more anti-inflammatory medications is unappealing because taken long enough starts to disturb my digestive system. When I feel pain in my hand or knee, I simply rub Living Freeze on the affected area, and while the pain isn't 100% gone, the pain is lessened by more than half, which is good for me. 

Not wanting the smell of weed in my home, I opted for a CBD option that could help me, and something stronger than a topical, so I tried CBD Living tincture 500mg, I anxiously waited for the other shoe to drop, meaning when would I feel something, anything?I administered three drops under my tongue, and almost immediately felt a slight fogginess, and loopiness, which settled into a calm within minutes. And after that the pain in my right knee especially, feels 80% better.  

If you're over pain meds, CBD products are definitely a great option.

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