This Razor Hugs Every. Curve.

This Razor Hugs Every. Curve.

Women's Razors

Haven't quite found that razor that rocks your world yet? From the dollar store to drugstore elite brands, the landscape is filled with women's razors that don't hug every curve with ease. Until now. The Aveline, created by the founder of Headblade, delivers a smoother, more gentle shave for women's legs and bodies. 

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The Buzz

Billed "a highly effective women's razor," the Aveline, pronounced av-uh-leen forever changes your approach to shaving. This web-only ergonomic razor has a  proprietary six blade cartridge for easy blade changing and a multi-pivot function, so you get the smoothest shave possible. It features a finger-controlled handle, gliding roller balls, push-button blade replacement, a built-in stand, and a lavender oil, aloe and Vitamin E infused moisture strip. More convenient than holding a traditional razor, the Aveline's compact design allows for easy transportation.

Given the success of HeadBlade, which debuted in 1997 Aveline's inventor, Todd Greene sought to revolutionize the design and efficacy of women's razors.

"I was inspired to create Aveline after the amount of outreach I received from HeadBlade customers over the last two decades asking if I had a female version for their wives and girlfriends," said Todd. "I wanted to give women the same quality shave but create a product that wasn't 'HeadBlade for women'."

The Aveline does away with the pink tax, and is offered at a fair price point.

Available: Aveline

Price: $10 / Refill packs sell for $10 / Subscriptions for $8 for a single blade and handle

Why You'll Love Them

Aveline offers major flex action... the device moves across every single curve with ease. The only thing I wish is that this razor came with a travel case...hint, hint. Thumbs up! 

Dua Lipa Photo credit: Elle Magazine

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