How To Treat Sweaty Feet Problems + GIVEAWAY!

How To Treat Sweaty Feet Problems + GIVEAWAY!

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Sweaty Feet

Just when you thought you were going to have a fashion faux pas free day, that feeling is quickly replaced with feelings of insecurities about your sweaty feet. You're not alone. In fact, according to Dr. Emily Splichal, around 3% of Americans experience hyperhidrosis, which is the over stimulation of the sweat glands localized to the palms of hands, bottom of the feet or under arms.  

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The Buzz

ARM & HAMMER has set the new standard in foot care with two new launches - ARM & HAMMER Shoe Refresher Spray, which eliminates shoe odor and ARM & HAMMER Heels & Feet Moisturizer, which eliminates rough skin on heels and feet. Formulated with sweat activated Fresh Guard® Technology, Shoe Refresher Spray refreshes and rejuvenates shoes, sneakers and sports gear on contact. With a unique 360° targeted actuator spray it can be sprayed in multiple directions in all types of footwear, and even upside down. 

Available: Walmart &

Price: $5.99

ARM & HAMMER Heels & Feet Moisturizer is formulated to eliminate rough skin on heels and feet. This is a non-greasy moisturizer with gentle AHA Exfoliators and deeply hydrating Coconut Oil that moisturizes and restores skin. Simple and easy to use, this moisturizer is designed with a no touch sanitary massaging brush for a quick and mess-free application that won’t leave any residue on feet or shoes.

Available: CVS stores 

Price: $6.99


Enter to win these Arm and Hammer Foot Care products!

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Why You'll Love It

I carry ARM & HAMMER Shoe Refresher Spray everywhere! I've been on the hunt for something to help my sweaty feet forever, and I think this is what I needed. Virtually every shoe I put my feet into, they start sweating within the hour, and then the funk ensues. Now what I do is spray this stuff between my toes, under the pads of my feet and into my shoes, which results in less wetness less odor.  

The Cheeky Solution To Celluite Free Thighs 

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