The Body Butter That Hydrates In A Flash

The Body Butter That Hydrates In A Flash

Body Butter

The struggle is real when it comes to making sure your super dry skin doesn't cause you embarrassment. Make ashy knees, arms, ankles, elbows and everything in-between a thing of the past with the thickest, body butter, ever—Arbonne Botaniques COCONUT Body Butter.   

The Buzz

Arbonne Botaniques COCONUT Body Butter is island vibes in a nutshell. Infused with sustainable shea butter and coconut oil, this body butter is whipped to luxurious perfection and leaves skin deeply moisturized. Vitamin E moisturizes to soften and nourish while Coconut oil soothes by moisturizing skin and Olive oil conditions and moisturizes to smooth the look of skin.

Price: $30


Why You'll Love It

Thick, rich, and creamy is just how I like my body butters, and Arbonne struck gold with this one. When it comes to the coconut scent I would've preferred a less is more approach, but that's just me. Perhaps the more coconut scent the better for you. With this body butter you will never be in danger of an ash attack...thumbs up! 

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