The Best Summer Body Washes

The Best Summer Body Washes

Among the best summer body washes is Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Milk Creme Body Wash(12oz, $55,, so take it with you on your next shower excursion and become quickly addicted like I did to this luxurious, crème body wash. I finished mine in two weeks!

After having received a gift bag of all gifts bags earlier this summer did I learn of the sleeper brand NEST Fragrances – with its focus then on home fragrance. To my delight this brand recently expanded its portfolio to include a body fragrance collection (body washes, body creams and bar soaps). Of the six fragrances offered, the delectably Moss Mint-scented Nest Fragrance Body Wash ($28, is one of HKI’s top body wash picks of the summer. The Moss Mint is composed of garden mint, apple blossom and muguet which are infused with a touch of oakmoss and vetiver. Mmmm, mmmm, good.

I can’t pull the wool over your eyes…you got me, Caswell-Massey’s Sea Grass Hand & Body Soap Set ($30, isn’t even close to being a body wash, but will you indulge me anyway? These individually wrapped soaps are a combination of citrus bouquet, sparkling notes of crisp greens, calming florals with hints of Cedar and Sandalwood is the perfect accent to a summer day either for yourself or can be given to the hostess of the beach bash you’ve just been invited to.  The blue box is the definition of classy.

Hue Knew It? I did.

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