Tweezer Face Off: Luxe vs. Less Facial Tweezers

Tweezer Face Off: Luxe vs. Less Facial Tweezers

Are you a novice to plucking? No problem. Have trouble gripping? No problem. Choose facial tweezers that meets your needs as well as your design sensibilities. And HKI happens to think that one of these capable tweezers might qualify for your next shopping trip…

Even though Ulta’s Slant Tweezer and Gel Kit ( is the least expensive tweezer of the bunch at a mere $1.65, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. At half the size of a regular tweezer, this easy to grip puppy is still capable of latching onto and removing bothersome stray hairs with equal precision every time. Included in your $1.65 purchase you get a Mini Brow Gel to control roaming brow hairs resulting in brows to die for.

Talk about budget-busting beauty, Tweezerman’s Luxe Edition Crystal Slant Tweezer & Stand ($200, is not your run of the mill tweezer. As crazy as it sounds and even harder to write, dare to glam up the dreary contents of your makeup bag or get ready to smile each time you open up your medicine cabinet with this Swarovski crystal adorned, stainless steel beauty tool. Aside from it’s super-indulgent price tag, don’t count these slant tweezers out which are known for their precision. Something tells me I lost you at $200. 

Another slanted tweezer option is the brainchild of famed architect Michael Graves is the stainless steel Slanted Soft-Touch Tweezer by Slice ($19.99, Sleek in its design with a wide grip for easy handling and rubberized finish means it won’t slip from your hands into the toilet…ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about and is ideal for the novice. Because this tweezer was tested by the Slice makers for two years, you can trust in it’s ability to pluck every hair every time.

So which one are buying this weekend?

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