NYFW SS18 Nail Art: ESSIE for Kith

NYFW SS18 Nail Art: ESSIE for Kith

INSPIRATION: This season, the Kith Spring 2018 show redefined the idea of the modern tomboy with flashes of red, navy, gray, cream, and shearling. Going with the theme, Alicia Torello for essie played with flattering nude shades on some models, while giving a few a sporty nail art design that included racing stripes and a take on the Champion® logo — a true symbol of athletic style.
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Get The Champion Look

Step 1: Apply first base base coat
Step 2: Add two coats of blanc.
Step 3: On the ring fingers, paint a half circle of really red with the flat edge going across the middle of the nail and the curved section dipping toward the nailbed.
Step 4: With a striping brush, add butler please along the flat edge of the semi-circle of really red. Then, apply it in an elongated “C” shape around the border of the nail, tapering in at the tips.
Step 5: On the remaining fingers, paint a vertical line of really red slightly to the right of the middle of the nail. Then apply another stripe of butler please to the left side of the really red line.
Step 6: Finish with speed.setter top coat.

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Get The Nude Look
Step 1: Prep with first base base coat.
Step 2: Paint two coats with the nude of your choice: bare with me, wild nude, mixtaupe, or ballet slippers
Step 3: Finish with speed.setter top coat.

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