Even Mila Has Dark Undereye Circles! Fix Yours With This Product

Even Mila Has Dark Undereye Circles! Fix Yours With This Product

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Undereye Circles

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How Mila Kunis deals with dark undereye circles

Dark undereye circles aren’t only reserved for those of us not on the big screen, even chicks like Mila Kunis needs them gone pronto , so she, like us should try the AMAZINGCOSMETICS NEW AMAZINGCONCEALER HYDRATE. for great coverage and a little plumping action.

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The Buzz

AMAZINGCOSMETICS NEW AMAZINGCONCEALER HYDRATE ($32, amazingcosmetics.com) is a medium-to-full coverage concealing solution that hydrates, plumps and creates an even, natural complexion. The ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate immediately helps to plump your skin as it smooths away fine lines and wrinkles, while  Vitamins A and E hydrate and help fight the signs of aging. The solid creamy stick concealer makes application quick and easy and is the perfect start to your concealer wardrobe application. HYDRATE is a buildable formula so you get your perfect coverage that will never settle into your fine lines or creases. Co-Founder, Lisa Thurman says…

“AMAZINGCONCEALER® HYDRATE is the perfect concealer that provides buildable, flawless coverage that never settles or creases.  The emollient formula effortlessly melts into the skin and can be layered until desired coverage is achieved.”

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AMAZINGCONCEALER® HYDRATE comes in the following shades:

  • Ivory (for pale complexion with golden undertones)
  • Fair (for pale complexion with a hint of pink undertones)
  • Light Golden (for Light complexion with golden undertones)
  • Medium Beige (for Light olive to medium with pink undertones)
  • Dark Beige (for Medium to tan complexion with pinky peach undertones)
  • Tan (for Olive complexion with a golden undertones)
  • Tan Golden (for Olive to medium dark complexion with golden undertones)
  • Light Caramel (for Light medium skin tone with golden peach undertone)
  • Dark Caramel (for Dark skin tone with a golden red undertones)
  • Deep Golden (for Darker complexion with golden undertones)

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Why You’ll Love It

The biggest complaint we all have about concealers is that they tend to cake in the creases beneath our eyes…not a good look. But with this concealer, you will never have that problem. The formula is sincerely like buttah baby…ultra-smooth and not chalky whatsoever, so you won’t feel that tugging action that is particularly harmful to our undereye area since the skin is very thin.

MORE CONCEALER TALK: VIDEO – Conceal Your Dark Undereye Circles

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